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What is RDP?

What is RDP? Remote Desktop(opens in new tab) Protocol (RDP) is the transmission protocol used in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop(opens in new tab). To use RDP, you run an RDP server on the computer you want to remotely control, and an RDP client on the computer you are connecting from. Thanks to RDP and the software that uses […]

What Is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card is a temporary credit card number that you can use while shopping online. These disposable card numbers are designed to protect your actual account number from falling into the wrong hands. Virtual credit cards can protect you from having your credit card information stolen in a data breach or through an unsecure connection. […]

How to buy Bitcoin using your Credit Card

Buy Bitcoin with your Credit card It is well-known that bitcoins are used more often than the average person. Since recent times, however, most people don’t know the answers to basic questions. Questions, such as “Ways of buying bitcoins using a credit card?” It’s time to help you with the solution. This is an exciting topic. I will be your guide through […]